The DrinksPeople story

DrinksPeople for Asia

Choo Wee and his wife, Poh Khim (PK), decided to start DrinksPeople with a clear objective to help aspiring cafe owners set up their cafes; and people who loves to make their own quality coffee at home/office without a huge investment in bulky coffee machines. They believe in bringing back the fun of making coffee by finding solutions that are simple and affordable for you. 

Their motto: Anyone can make coffee


How did they get started: 
A classic story of 'Goods damaged considered sold'

It all began with Choo Wee accidentally breaking a cup that came with the coffee machine at a local appliances store in Ho Chi Minh. Since "goods damaged are considered sold", Choo Wee purchased the coffee machine from the store. This beautiful incident led Choo Wee to embark on his learning journey from making coffee to deep diving and learning all about coffee which would not have happen if not for the incident at the store. 

Taking the plunge into the coffee world

Choo Wee went on finding out about the different coffee machines, coffee beans, reading tons of online articles and books about coffee. He has since set off on many trips to find out more about coffee - from visiting and talking to coffee farmers to experiencing different cafes around SEA - literally from beans to cups. 


If you are interested to learn more about coffee, you can contact us via the form below or message us on our facebook or instagram page now.