Temperature Strip
Temperature Strip

Temperature Strip

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A preheat of your cylinder is absolutely essential to achieving good results with your Flair, but knowing when you’ve reached the optimum preheat is difficult if not impossible without some way to measure it. 

Affix this temperature strip to the outside of your cylinder and you will have confirmation of how hot it actually is just prior to the pull. Take control of your brew and improve the repeatability of your tasty shots by placing these easy to use, easy to read temperature strips on your brew heads!

Comes with one (1) customizable temperature strip.

*During application, ensure that strip lays flat across face of the cylinder or other surface and that no gaps or air pockets are present where water could seep in between surface and strip.

As the gauge warms to the response temperature, the window starts with a tan or reddish-brown and continues to change to green.


·        Temperature Range: 158 to 200°F / 70 to 100°C

·        Temperature Accuracy: +/- 2°C

·        0.75 x 2.75″ (19 by 70 mm)

·        TAN window is above actual temperature reading

·        GREEN window is an actual temperature reading

·        BLUE window is below actual temperature reading

·        Moisture Resistant: Self-Adhesive Backing

·        Shelf Life of Adhesive (when applied correctly*): 2 yrs